"What a Beautiful Day"

Newest recording!

[From Album Notes]
My career began after I heard Al Di Meola playing with Paco De Lucia and decided to move to Spain. During my 5 years of working with flamenco musicians there, I developed a unique flat picking style influenced by the flamenco form. I moved to the United States where my playing has been influenced by the many Jazz and Latin musicians I've worked with along with the R&B and hip hop music I listen to here. I continue searching for my ideal guitar sound though I know I'll never find it. For now I focus on creating beautiful guitar sounds mixed with strong rhythms that make you want to dance!

"When You Passed By"

The second recording in US.

[From Reviews]
There is no way to pigeon-hole Toshi Onizukafs playing. He moves from bossa nova to jazz to Spanish guitar with great fluidity and ease. He can play that percussive flamenco touch but the melody is never sacrificed in his playing. Even at his punchiest, Toshi keeps it close to his heart.

"Voy Con Fusion"

The first US recording.
Avarable for purchase at CDBABY.

Title:"A Long Way to Go" Tango Records/TROB-0104 lw2go.jpg - 6,649Bytes

This omunibus album contains various works composed and played by Japanese acoustic guitar players. All works were recorded with no over dubbing.

This is the third album of the "Acoustic Breath" series.

Toshi Plays "Summertime in Vancouver" in track 7.

Title:"Born in The Air" Tango Records/TROB-9901

The second album of the "Acoustic Breath" series.

This omunibus album also contains various works composed and played by Japanese acoustic guitar players.

Toshi Plays "El Carambolo" in track 10.


This is his first album recorded with top musicians in Spain.

1 Costa do Sol
2 Baile de Fuego
3 Luna en la Calle
4 Blue Eyes
5 Pensamiento Andaluz
6 Chica Trianera
7 Un Momento de Pelicula

Part of " Pensamiento Andaluz" can be heard on MP3 file.(1.1MB)

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